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Sociology degrees abroad

Sociology is the study of human beings and their relationships with society. It’s a discipline that includes elements of political science, history, psychology and economics.

As a sociology student, you’ll analyze how social structures operate in society and how they have changed over time. You’ll cover topics such as social class, gender, race, education, and the legal system to gain a comprehensive understanding of how social processes interact with human experience.

It’s difficult to appreciate quite how diverse societies across the world are without traveling beyond your own cultural context; that’s why studying sociology abroad is a fantastic opportunity. By immersing yourself in another cultural environment, you’ll experience different social formats, customs and issues which will help you become a more insightful and critical sociologist.

Sociology program structure

Sociology is a global discipline that can be studied all over the world. Before you decide where to study, it’s important to bear in mind that location will determine the kinds of societal structures and processes that you’ll experience.

Most undergraduate programs are taught over three to five years and they will cover core sociological topics to provide you with a thorough understanding of the field. You can also study a master’s in sociology over one or two years or a PhD which typically takes around five years to finish.

It’s also possible to study sociology in combination with another subject, like history or political science. This is a great way of tailoring your degree to your interests.

Most countries and universities around the world will allow you to dedicate nearly all of your study time to your subject or subjects of choice. But, if you want to study as an undergraduate in the US, you’ll need to complete two years of general education before focusing entirely on your major for your final two years of study.

The majority of sociology programs are taught through a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials. Although assessment methods differ between programs and institutions, you’ll probably be assessed through exams, essays, presentations and reports from any fieldwork you carry out.

Like all programs, the content and structure of sociology programs will vary between universities. But, as a general rule, you can expect to find these core areas of study at most institutions:

  • Social theories
  • Research methods
  • Evolutionary sociology
  • Political sociology
  • Feminist sociology
  • Crime and punishment
  • Ethnography
  • Social welfare
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Best universities to study sociology

Sociology study abroad programs

Future sociology careers

As a sociology graduate, you’ll be well-prepared for the workplace because employers are always looking for individuals who can effectively research, analyze and communicate. Your vast skill set will be valued across many different sectors and roles, including:

  • Teacher
  • Journalist
  • Academic researcher
  • Civil servant
  • Member of Parliament
  • Counselor
  • Probation or prison officer
  • Lawyer

Graduate jobs are often competitive so standing out from the crowd is important. Gaining some work experience in your chosen field will help strengthen your CV and prove your commitment to your career. Most universities will have a career support service that can help you to identify and apply for placements and internships.

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