Last Updated on: 11th June 2024

Understanding Cookies on our Website

The purpose of this Policy is to explain to users of our website how cookies are used on the site, the options for controlling the use of cookies and what cookies are used and for what purpose.

About cookies

Cookies are small data files sent by a website’s server to a web browser, processor memory, or hard drive and stored there. They can be used for a range of different purposes, such as customizing a website for a particular user, helping a user navigate a website, improving that user’s website experience, and storing that user’s preferences and login information.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to provide a better user experience, deliver a personalised experience and for analyzing the effectiveness of our website so that we can continuously improve your experience with our brand.

List of cookies we use

We use the following cookies on or in relation to our website:

Cookie Name Placed by Purpose Duration
advisor Studee Remembers your program preferences, such as subjects, start dates, tuition fees, and preferred universities. Session
StudeeLogin Studee Manages your login session and remembers non-personal info to maintain and secure your session. Session
StudeeProgram Studee Stores details of the program you are interested in applying to. Session
StudeeJumpOffSignIn Studee Remembers the last page you visited before signing in. Session
StudeeJumpOffOnlineAdvisor Studee Keeps track of the last page you visited before being guided through the Online Advisor. Session
Studee-browserid Studee Keeps track of browser anonymous sessions. 1 year
Studee-sessionid Studee Keeps track of your session to manage interactions with our site more securely. Session
studee-session-resolution Studee Used to transfer SSR data to SPA Session
Studee-show-programs-universities-hero Studee Remembers if you dismissed the promo banner on program/university discovery pages. Session
Studee-cookie-message-dismissed Studee Remembers if you have dismissed the cookie policy notification to avoid repeating the message. 1 year
StudeeActivity Studee Records the last activity time to ensure a smooth and secure browsing experience. Session
StudeeLoggedOutNotification Studee Records whether we need to show the logged out notification after the session has timed out Session
StudeeCompare Studee Records whether to show a message regarding if there is a difference between users filters after sign-in Session
Studee-preferred-currency Studee Saves your preferred currency for when we display fees. Session
Studee-preferred-language Studee Remembers your selected language to maintain language preferences throughout your visit. Session
Studee-popular-currencies Studee Loads the most commonly used currencies on our site to speed up currency selection. Session
StudeeLoggedOutNotification Studee Alerts you if your session has expired. Session
StudeeProgram Studee Populates details on the selected program through the Apply journey Session
Studee-show-currency-mismatch-text Studee Remembers whether to show the mismatch currencies message on search programs page to determine if its been dismissed or not Session
studee-show-results-include-text Studee Remembers whether to show the "results include" message on search programs / search unis page to determine if its been dismissed or not Session
StudeeDisplayFindYourProgramMatchesModal Studee Remembers whether to display the programs modal shown throughout the site or just go straight to the find programs page directly Session
StudeeOverlayEmail Studee Records whether to display the email capture panel. Session
Studee-show-cta-setup-account-text Studee Records whether to show the cta setup account promo on the find programs page to determine if its been dismissed or not Session
Studee-show-explore-promo Studee Records whether to expand or contract the inner element of the studee promo. Session
sp Element451 Used to store a unique identifier for a user 1 year
_sp_id Element451 Used to store user information 2 years
_sp_ses Element451 Used to determine if this is a new or active session 30 minutes
__cfduid Cloudflare Identify individual clients behind a shared IP address 1 month
_ga Google Analytics Used to distinguish users 2 years
_gaexp Google Analytics Used to determine inclusion in an A/B experiment 90 days (typically)
_gat_UA-9566326-19 Google Analytics Used to throttle request rate 1 minute
_gid Google Analytics Used to distinguish users 24 hours

Essential and Non-Essential Cookies

Cookies can be classified as either ‘essential’ or ‘non-essential’.

Essential Cookies

These are cookies that are either:

  • used solely to carry out or facilitate the transmission of communications over a network; or
  • strictly necessary to provide an online service (e.g., our website or a service on our website) which you have requested.

They don’t access or store any personal data. Our website cannot function without these cookies so they are, by default switched on to ensure you can experience the full functionality of our website.

How to Opt Out of Essential Cookies

Most browsers allow you to block all cookies, including essential cookies. Please note that if you block all cookies, our website and its functionality will not work or display properly. You can delete existing cookies from your browser by clearing your browsing data and ensuring that the option to delete cookies is selected.

For more detailed information on how to accept and reject cookies, including guidance for specific browsers, please see the section below entitled "How to Accept or Reject Cookies."

Non-Essential Cookies

These are any cookies that do not fall within the definition of essential cookies, such as cookies used to analyze your behavior on a website (‘analytical’ cookies) or cookies used to display advertisements to you (‘advertising’ cookies).

We use the following types of non-essential cookies on our website:

  • Functional cookies
  • Analytical (or performance) cookies

Performance/statistics Cookies – these cookies collect information about how you use our website (e.g. which Internet browser you use, how often you visit our website, which pages you open, or how long you stay on our website). These cookies do not store any information that enables visitors to be personally identified. The information collected with the help of these cookies is aggregated, and thus anonymous.

Marketing Cookies – these cookies allow us to provide personalized and relevant services or advertising to our visitors, and to assess the effectiveness of our digital marketing activities. We also use these cookies to enable third party ‘plug-ins’ like social media sharing and like buttons. They also enable us to play video content.

Functional Cookies

These are cookies that are designed for purposes such as enhancing a website’s functionality. These are either not strictly essential for the website or functionality which you have requested to work, or are cookies that serve non-essential purposes in addition to their essential purpose. These cookies allow us to recognize you when you return to our website. They enable us to personalize content for you and remember preferences you may have set on your last visit.

Analytical (or Performance) Cookies

Analytical (or performance) cookies track and gather data about what a user does on a website. These cookies are not essential for our website or its functionality to work. These cookies are optional and we only ask for consent to place these types of cookies on our website or your applications completed in Element E451, which is intended for young people who are over the age of 16. This allows us to use Artificial Intelligence to analyze website use such as which pages are most popular and how visitors move around the site, predict details about someone, find correlations between datasets and use these to categorize profiles and make predictions. The statistical information collected is access controlled and obfuscated to ensure it does not directly identify any individuals.

We use Google Analytics cookies on our website. Google Analytics cookies help us understand how you engage and interact with our website, including how you came to our website, which pages you visited, for how long, and what you clicked on, your location (based on your IP address).

How to Opt In or Out from Analytical Cookies

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking across all websites here:

Session and Persistent Cookies

Cookies can be classified as either ‘session’ or ‘persistent’, depending on how long they last after they are placed on your browser.

Session Cookies

Session cookies last for as long as you keep your browser open. They expire when you close your browser.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies expire at a fixed point in time or if you manually delete them from your browser, whichever occurs first.

First and Third-Party Cookies

Cookies can be classified as ‘first party’ or ‘third party’.

  • First party cookies are cookies placed on your device by our website domain.
  • Third party cookies are cookies placed on your device by third party website domains.

Other Technologies

Web Beacons

We also embed web beacons in our marketing emails and on our website. Web beacons are small GIF image files that enable us to track your receipt of our marketing emails, how often you view our adverts or website pages, your location, IP address, and browser information.

Web beacons are activated whenever you open a marketing email or access a page on our website which contains a web beacon. Web beacons transmit data when you view them but are not capable of accessing any other information on your computer. Web beacons are not stored on your hard drive unless you download a GIF image containing them.

Some browsers enable you to restrict the use of web beacons by either preventing them from sending information back to their source (for example, when you choose browser settings that block cookies and trackers) or by not accessing the images containing them (for example, if you select a ‘do not display images (in emails)’ setting in your email server).

How to Accept or Reject Cookies

There are a number of different ways in which you can accept or reject some or all cookies and similar technologies.

You are welcome to block the use of some or all of the cookies we use on our website. However, please be aware that doing so may impair our website and its functionality.

You should also be aware that clearing all cookies from your browser will also delete any cookies that are storing your preferences, for example, whether you have accepted cookies on a website or any cookies that are blocking other cookies.

You can find more detailed information about cookies and adjusting your browser settings by visiting

You can accept or reject some or all cookies (for example, blocking all third party cookies) by adjusting your browser settings. If you do not know how to do this, the links below set out how to change your browser settings for some of the most commonly used web browsers:

Some browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, allow you to change your settings to browse in ‘incognito’ mode, limiting the amount of data placed on your machine and automatically deleting any persistent cookies placed on your device when you finish your browsing session. There are also many third-party applications that you can add to your browser to block or manage cookies.

Existing Cookies

To clear cookies that have previously been placed on your browser, you should select the option to clear your browsing history and ensure that the option to delete or clear cookies is included when you do so.

Google Ad Settings

You can manage and opt out of personalisation of advertisements by Google by visiting Google's ad settings' and by:

  • unticking the button entitled ‘Also use Google Account activity and information to personalize ads on these websites and apps and store that data in your Google Account’; and
  • switching the ‘Ads Personalisation’ setting off (i.e., by ensuring the switch at the top of the page is set to the left/grey and not the right/blue).

Alternatively, you can install a free browser plugin

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing the browser add-on.

Web Beacons

You can opt out of our use of web beacons in our marketing emails by emailing us at [email protected].

Changes to This Policy

We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or applicable laws. When we make changes, we will update the "Last Updated" date at the top of this policy. We encourage you to review this policy periodically to stay informed about our use of cookies.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

Changes to this policy

This policy was last updated on 11.06.2024 and we reserve the right to make changes to this policy from time to time but we will always publish our latest version on our website.