Giving back

Using Studee as a force to do good

We find and fund innovative projects, giving young people around the world a brighter future

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We exist to empower young people and create new opportunities

Every year, international students find their dream university on Studee. The good that emerges is education - and that’s the most powerful way to change the world. We’re striving to do business in a more enlightened way because we want to take full responsibility for the impact our business has on society and the environment. We’re taking steps to make our impact on the world neutral or better still...positive.

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Trees for degrees - The one million trees project

We’re conscious studying abroad comes with a high carbon footprint. This is why we’ll compensate the CO₂ emissions of flights for all students who enroll with us.

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Scholarships for students in areas of the world that need help

Education is one of the most powerful ways to peacefully change the world so we provide scholarships to students who wouldn't have access to it otherwise.

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We give every single one of our team members 3 days paid leave each year to volunteer for organisations that mean a lot to them and to us.

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Studee sustainability

The climate crisis is one of the most important issues of our time and we all have a shared responsibility to take action. Here are our current actions and future goals.

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Making our website accessible

Everyone uses the web differently depending on location, preferences and abilities. We're passionate about making sure everybody can effortlessly use our website.

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Helping our community

We embrace human progress and lace everything we do with ways to flourish. We champion looking after our local communities and the one we've created at Studee.

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