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What types of business degrees can you study in Germany?

Business is a huge area, and there are many different programs that sit under the subject. Some universities refer to business in different ways, or offer programs that specialize in a specific area, including:

  • Business administration
  • Business management
  • International business
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human resource management
  • Hospitality, leisure and tourism management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Logistics
  • Taxation

There are many other program options available, and the name given to programs can differ from university to university. That’s why it’s important to look carefully at the structure and scope of the curriculum to make sure the program you choose is the right one for you.

What do business experts in Germany say?

  • Louisa Tsouvallas

    Louisa Tsouvallas

    University of Applied Management Studies, International Business Study Advisor
    Louisa Tsouvallas says

    Outside of their academic work, students come together with their colleagues from the other programs. For those students from outside Germany, this helps to develop their German language skills and an understanding of how other nations think and live.

    Personalities are developed through taking part in social and other activities and through working together in teams. We also help students develop their characters by requiring them to frequently take responsibility for many aspects of teaching, an example being the “session leaders” in Applied Business Psychology and Strategic Management and Leadership.

    The fourth semester consists of an 18-week internship to give students a view of how real companies operate and to give them a chance to put some of the theory into practice. Last but not least, our students become fluent in English, since the programs are taught 100% in the English language.

    Germany is a safe and stable country and choosing to study in a stable country is a good choice for future prospects. Furthermore, Germany is a liberal and welcoming country that is full of diversity. As Germany is such a popular study destination, there will be lots of other international students to make friends with.

    The cost of living in Germany is surprisingly low when compared to other nearby countries. It’s even lower for students due to various student discounts.

    Last but not least, the visa for international students in Germany is particularly strong, especially when it comes to the rules on staying in the country and traveling. Once having obtained a visa, students will be allowed to travel visa-free around the whole Schengen area and apply for a German residency permit that can last until well after graduation.

    Studying business is a very good choice as there are a lot of potential career routes that our students can follow. It’s a degree that lots of companies will be interested in, so graduates will experience a wide range of diverse job opportunities.

    The average starting salary for business graduates in an entry-level role is around €36,000-€42,000 a year. This is a very attractive starting salary compared to other professions, and it’s also a field that has good prospects for promotion.

    In any case, by having a business degree, graduates probably won’t have to wait very long to find a job and there are plenty of options.

    All study programs at HdWM are designed for an ideal transition into the working world. From the first semester on, we prepare our students by integrating practical elements into the curriculum.

    Graduates will have the skills to take up junior management positions in smaller companies engaged in import /export activities in a range of countries.

    In larger companies, the jobs are more likely to be trainee or assistant positions in a range of departments in which international business knowledge and intercultural skills are important.

  • Nicole Martinetti

    Nicole Martinetti

    Kühne Logistics University Student Recruitment & Marketing Manager
    Nicole Martinetti says

    Germany, particularly Hamburg, where KLU is located, is an open international metropolitan area with a strong start-up scene and a network of established multinational organizations. You can learn from the best both inside the classroom and combined with international experiences.

    International students can navigate living in Germany easily since most Germans have a strong command of English and are encouraging those who try to learn the language. Because Hamburg is an international hub, living and learning with only English is possible!

    We live in a global world, and by learning business in an international context, you will gain the skills, knowledge, and versatility to lead a successful career.

    From start-ups to multinational organizations, from finance to marketing, consultants to managers, and everything in between, you will have endless opportunities to grow your career in your chosen industry and area upon graduation.

  • Timothy Kotowich

    Timothy Kotowich

    International University SDI München Lecturer
    Timothy Kotowich says

    The International University SDI München is a wonderful place for international students to study for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its location in Munich, one of the most livable, greenest, and economically vibrant cities in Germany and all of Europe.

    For me personally, Munich offers a great quality of life as a safe and well-functioning major European city granting a variety of cultural and sports activities as well as employment and career opportunities at leading German and multinational companies.

    The International University SDI München, or SDI, as we call it around campus, has bachelor's and master's programs designed to provide international and German students with a challenging and engaging learning experience that prepares them for a variety of career opportunities in an international context.

    In fact, as a teacher, it’s very impressive for me to see how the careers of many of our alumni develop.

    SDI is an inclusive learning environment where diversity walks the walk, and students learn from each other in a truly multicultural environment.

    The university’s unique and outstanding combination of communication, languages, business, and intercultural competencies provides solid preparation for a variety of careers in diverse industries.

    My fellow teachers have fascinating professional and academic experience and come from a variety of countries, and this enables them to provide students with both theoretical and practical insights into up-to-date international business and communication topics.

    Many of the courses are in English, and it’s not necessary to know any German to begin the program. One of the unique features of SDI is that courses for all the bachelor's and master's majors are scheduled to permit students to work part-time should they choose to do so.

    As an American who’s had the opportunity to study and work in a variety of countries, I’m truly a fan of SDI, especially as I identify with my students in their curiosity and open-mindedness about cultures and international business. I hope to see you around campus.

Top business programs in Germany

What are the top Business Undergraduate programs in Germany?

Bachelor's in business in Germany

  • false

    Business - BA (Hons) EU Business School Munich, Germany

    Program type
    3 years
    Annual tuition fee
    15,338 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 14,100 EUR

    Start date
    October, February
    Show program overview about BA (Hons) in Business
  • false

    Business & IT - BBus IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    • Online

    Program type
    3 years
    Annual tuition fee
    2,671 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 2,456 EUR

    Start date
    August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July
    Show program overview about Business & IT
  • false

    Business and Management Studies - BSc (with placement) University of Europe for Applied Sciences, Germany

    Program type
    42 months
    Annual tuition fee
    13,162 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 12,100 EUR

    Start date
    September, March
    Show program overview about Business and Management Studies
  • false

    International Communication and Business - BA (with placement) International University SDI München, Germany

    Program type
    46 months
    Annual tuition fee
    6,592 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 6,060 EUR

    Start date
    Show program overview about International Communication and Business

What are the top Business Graduate programs in Germany?

Master's in business in Germany

  • false

    Business & IT - MSc IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany
    • Online

    Program type
    1 year
    Annual tuition fee
    5,493 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 5,050 EUR

    Start date
    August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July
    Show program overview about Business & IT
  • false

    Data Engineering: Business and Supply Chain Engineering - MSc Constructor University, Germany

    Program type
    2 years
    Annual tuition fee
    21,756 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 20,000 EUR

    Start date
    Show program overview about Data Engineering