Education agents used by ‘the overwhelming majority’ of Australia’s international students

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Education agents used by ‘the overwhelming majority’ of Australia’s international students

Over the years, Australia has cemented its position as one of the hottest destinations for international students. However, the country’s sandy beaches, countless attractions, and world-class universities can’t claim all the credit for its overseas popularity. An entirely different channel continues to be instrumental in Australia’s success: education agents.

According to the latest survey1, 86% of Australia’s international students have used an education agent to help with their application and enrollment decisions. And, perhaps more importantly, 92% said they had a positive agent experience1.

With the influence of education agents soaring, those universities without commercial partnerships look set to miss out on international admissions. They’re pinning their enrollment hopes on the 14% of students who navigate the study abroad process entirely independently - a risky move.

If you want to future-proof your recruitment strategy and stand out, it’s time to start cultivating an agent partnership. Luckily, Studee is the risk-free recruitment solution you’ve been looking for.

Could education agents soften the Covid-19 blow?

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s higher education sector was “significantly affected” by the pandemic1. International enrollments at Australian universities fell by 7%, while overall satisfaction levels amongst overseas students tumbled from 75% to just 63%1. So, getting the international student experience back on track couldn’t be more important.

The role of education agents, like Studee, has never been more crucial. In a time of great uncertainty, we help to simplify the application and enrollment process for the student, so they can still achieve their dream of studying abroad.

We support them at every stage of their international adventure: finding the right university, applying, securing a visa, and so much more. Our NAFSA-trained advisors are always on-hand to answer questions and queries, so we can secure the best conversion rates for our partners.

Students love our personalized approach, too. They’ve given us a stellar 4.7* rating on Feefo in recognition of our top-quality services.

What’s it like to be a Studee Partner?

  • Only pay when a student enrolls: Our guaranteed-return-on-investment model means you only pay when we deliver enrollments

  • All-in-one platform: We attract, advise and enroll international students all in one place

  • Receive qualified applicants only: We pre-assess every student against your entry criteria, so you save time vetting applications

  • ICEF accredited: We’re committed to upholding the highest industry standards and have secured ICEF agency status

  • Trusted worldwide: We’re proud to partner with institutions in almost 30 countries

We’d love to add you to our ever-growing family of university partners. To start getting quality international students enrolled, book your free consultation call today.

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