10 reasons you should study a postgrad

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10 reasons you should study a postgrad

Top universities across the globe offer a fantastic array of postgraduate programs. Find out why studying a postgrad could be key to unlocking your potential.

What is a postgraduate degree?

Postgraduate degrees are specialist qualifications that help you to become an expert in a particular field of study. They build on the knowledge you’ve already acquired at the undergraduate level, so you’ll normally need a bachelor’s degree to be accepted.

Master’s and doctoral (PhD) degrees are the most common postgraduate qualifications.

What is a master’s degree?

A master’s degree is a one or two-year program that’s designed to give you an advanced level of knowledge in a specific discipline or professional practice. There are two main types of master’s degrees: taught and research-based.

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What is a PhD?

A PhD is the highest academic qualification available. To secure a PhD, you must complete an original research project or dissertation. There is limited formal teaching on a PhD program, and courses generally last between four and eight years.

Can you study a PhD without a master’s?

It’s possible to directly enroll in a PhD program without completing a master’s beforehand. Although it’s not the traditional route taken by most students, you can begin your doctoral degree as soon as you finish your bachelor’s program.

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Why study a postgraduate degree?

  1. You love what you study

A master’s or PhD is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the subject that fascinates you most. If you want to take your knowledge to the next level, then a postgraduate program could be for you.

  1. You relish university life

Going to university is a life-changing experience with so many benefits. If you’re not ready to leave your independence, busy social life, and interesting studies behind, then a postgraduate program could be the ideal option.

  1. You want to stand out from the crowd

Record numbers of people are now studying at university, but the majority of them are enrolled in bachelor’s programs.

Having a postgraduate degree under your belt will catch the attention of employers and give you a headstart over other graduates in the race to employment.

  1. You’ve set your sights on a career in academia

A postgraduate qualification is the best introduction to a career in academia. You get all the resources of the university, the chance to work alongside leading lecturers in your field, and contribute to pioneering research in your field.

  1. You want to earn more money

Postgraduate degrees can seriously boost your earnings. A 2020 report by the Higher Education Policy Institute found that postgraduates pocket 18% more than bachelor’s degree holders six months after graduation.

  1. You want to improve your job prospects

A postgraduate degree will open up an array of lucrative job opportunities. As well as earning more, postgraduates generally make the step up in their careers earlier.

  1. You need flexibility

It’s easy to fit your studies around your existing commitment thanks to the full-time and part-time study options available at the postgraduate level. You can also take advantage of the online and distance-learning courses offered.

  1. You need a postgraduate course to change your career

Postgraduate degrees can act as conversion courses, allowing you to change the direction of your studies and follow your dream career path. This means you could study one subject at the undergraduate level, before specializing in another at the postgraduate level.

  1. You want to gain a vocational qualification

A postgraduate degree isn’t just about research. Some postgraduate courses are vocational and can be aimed at professionals who already have experience in their sector.

A good vocational course will give you the skills you’ll need for your chosen job – and some include professional qualifications as part of their accreditation.

  1. You want to study abroad

It’s often much cheaper to study a postgraduate degree abroad. As well as gaining a top-class education, you’ll travel the world and experience new cultures.