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Educational Counseling degrees abroad

Educational counseling is a vital field that focuses on the mental health and treatment of students and examines the relationship between education and psychology.

As an educational counseling student, you’ll study the psychological and educational foundations of counseling, and focus on a range of specialization areas including counseling theory, group process, appraisal, and vocational development and decision-making.

Programs in educational counseling are only available in a few countries, so choosing to study abroad is a great way to make your dreams a reality. Not only will you be accessing a world-class education, but you’ll also be broadening your personal horizons by embracing a new country and culture.

Educational Counseling program structure

Degree programs in educational counseling are most widely available in the USA, and programs are often called school counseling. Educational counseling is mainly offered as a postgraduate program, designed for students who already hold a counseling qualification and want to enhance their skills or move into a new career area.

Educational counseling degrees are available as several different postgraduate qualifications, including MA, MSc, MEd (Master of Education), and EdS (Education Specialist). These programs usually cover the same areas, however, each may focus on a specific theme.

It is possible to study a related program at the bachelor’s level, but these are often dual degrees like education with counseling. Most master’s programs will take between one and two years to complete, and doctorate level degrees can take up to six years.

Your program will include a range of teaching methods like lectures, seminars, workshops, simulation and roleplay, and work-based learning placements. Hands-on experience and practice with your peers is usually an important part of any counseling program.

The exact areas of study and modules you’ll study as part of your program will vary depending on the course you choose, but common subjects include:

  • Counseling foundations
  • Education foundations
  • Race, gender, and class in counseling
  • Cognitive and social psychology
  • Counseling skills for professional practice
  • School counseling practice
  • Introduction to family systems
  • Counseling children and young people
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Educational Counseling study abroad programs

Future educational counseling careers

Most students who graduate with a degree in educational counseling are already counseling or education professionals looking to increase their skills or make a career change.

Here are some of the careers you could consider as an educational counseling graduate:

  • School counselor
  • Education therapist
  • Child/young person counselor
  • Family therapist
  • Mental health support worker
  • Social worker

If you do not have any previous experience or counseling qualifications, you may need to do additional training to qualify for certain roles. You should also make sure your program is accredited by the relevant body, like the BACP in the UK, in order to work in the field.

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