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  1. Complete your university data form

    Please complete the data form we have emailed you. We need essential details like your university logo, program descriptions, and entry requirements, which are crucial for creating your profile.

    Once submitted, our dedicated data team will swiftly create your university profile. You can find out more on how to manage your university data.

  2. Go live with your profile

    After we set up your profile, we will publish it and ask you to review it, and you can let us know if any adjustments are needed.

    As a token of our appreciation, you'll also receive a welcome gift.

  3. Supply student reviews and expert guidance

    Boost your profile's appeal by providing feedback from current students and adding insights from your faculty. This provides prospective students with a deeper understanding of what to expect. Here's how, along with samples:

    Student Reviews: Gather feedback from your students using our questionnaire. We will add these reviews to your profile

    Expert Guidance: Collect tailored guidance and thoughts from your lecturers. These will also be published on your profile

  4. Review your first application

    Once your university profile is live, we will focus on attracting a diverse range of admission-ready applications for your university. Please note that receiving your first application may take a few months, depending on student demand.

    To maintain student engagement, we request universities to review applications promptly. We recommend decisions are made within a four-week timeframe.

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Other resources

Now that you've completed the essential steps to get started, access our guides, policies, and tips to streamline your journey as a Studee University Partner.

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Still need help? Looking for support with your onboarding process or have questions about your workflow? Our onboarding support team is ready to provide guidance and best practices.