Our university services team

Leadership team

  • Simon Andrews

    Simon Andrews

    Co-Founder & COO


    Simon launched Studee in 2018, but before that he had been busy building brands such as The National Student, Campus Media, TheBigChoice, and International Student Admission Service - international businesses employing over 200 people worldwide, helping millions of young people with their careers. Simon has worked in the global higher education sector for over 20 years, collaborating with universities all over the world.

  • Chris Neder

    Chris Neder

    Chief Customer Officer


    Chris has 6 years of experience in the International Education field helping students and universities maximize their enrollment goals. She is passionate about people's development and their professional journeys and is a solution seeker who thrives on breaking down massive projects into smaller, simple tasks.

  • Mike Fish

    Mike Fish

    Vice President of Customer Success


    Mike has spent most of his working life in the student recruitment sector and has been with Studee since its formation. He acts as the liaison between our university partners, our website team, our Student Advisors, and our Partnerships Specialists. Whether on-boarding new clients or trouble-shooting for existing ones, he is here to provide help and assistance.

  • Carlos Pazmino

    Carlos Pazmino

    Head of Student Support


    As the Head of Student Support, Carlos oversees the Studee team of qualified advisors. Over the past 7 years, he has played a pivotal role in assisting thousands of international students in discovering the ideal university, while also aiding our partner universities in selecting a diverse range of exceptional students.

    Carlos has collaborated with various international admission departments, contributing to their scaling efforts in Europe and North America. Recognized for his teamwork and customer-centric approach, he remains consistently motivated to contribute to making the world a better place through his dedicated work in international education.

University partnership team

  • Beatriz Iniguez

    Beatriz Iniguez

    University Partnership Lead

    Studee LinkedIn

    For the past six and a half years, Beatriz has dedicated her career to international education.
    As a former international student who pursued a BBA in the USA, she possesses firsthand knowledge of the advantages and challenges of studying abroad. Beginning her professional journey with Studee, Beatriz assisted students in finding their perfect universities. Currently, she serves as the University Partnership Lead, working to empower universities to attract a larger number of international students.

Lead advisors team

  • Emilia Ruiz decoding=

    Emilia Ruiz

    Lead Advisor USA


    Emilia joined Studee in 2017 as an Admission Researcher. Since then, she has specialized in supporting students' journey and their search for opportunities to study abroad. She has developed the skills to understand students' needs and provide them with the tools they’ll need to achieve their study abroad goals.

  • Veronica Ruiz

    Veronica Ruiz

    Lead Advisor Canada


    For the last 5 years, Veronica has built connections with hundreds of students while at Studee. As the Lead Advisor for Canada, she has learned the needs of the market and successfully helped our partners recruit international students. Veronica is a certified NAFSA advisor and has built her knowledge around the visa and admission processes for Canada.

  • Jorge Marín

    Jorge Marín

    Lead Advisor EMEA & Online Channels


    Jorge is a BBA graduate and has been with Studee since 2017, helping more than 1,000 students find their ideal university. He is a responsible and proactive person, who is always looking to find a way to help the client, customer, or coworkers. When not at the office you can find Jorge at the gym, playing soccer, baseball, or video games.

  • Juan Weber

    Juan Weber

    Lead Advisor UK, Scandinavia & Asia Pacific


    Juan Weber, also known as Paco, has been working in Student Recruitment for 6 years with Studee. Juan is currently studying his BSc in International Business Studies at Blue Hill College.

    Starting as Jr. Advisor, Juan is now Lead Advisor of UK, Scandinavia and Asia Pacific region. He has in-depth knowledge on working with university admission offices, in popular destinations such as the USA, UK, Finland and Australia. Juan has a passion for understanding student's needs and has enjoyed helping hundreds of students apply to different universities all over the world.

Customer data team

  • Domenica Dufflart

    Domenica Dufflart

    Customer Data Lead


    Domenica joined Studee in 2018 as a Admission Researcher. Since then, she has specialized in leading the customer data team, working collaboratively with our university partners to collect, analyse, process, publish and maintain their data. She has studied literature at the University of Barcelona and is currently completing her Bachelors in Data Science at the University of Carlemany.