Why is international recruitment so important?

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Why is international recruitment so important?

As the projected number of international students is set to soar to eight million by 2025, it’s vital your university attracts its fair share.

Enrolling international students and creating a diverse campus is challenging, but it comes with countless benefits for your institution. Here are some of the reasons international recruitment is so important to your university.

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Creating a diverse campus

By enrolling international students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, you’ll be boosting the diversity of your campus.

University is the first chance for many students to meet and get to know people from different cultures to theirs. By having a diverse campus, you’ll be encouraging your students to learn from each other by promoting cultural diversity.

University life is about much more than earning an academic qualification. Successful and ambitious institutions like yours aim to produce culturally aware and well-rounded students, which is why having international students is essential.

Different perspectives in the classroom

Cultural diversity can play a really important part in the classroom, as well as on campus. Seminars and tutorials are usually full of lively discussions and debates, so having people with different perspectives and backgrounds will have a really positive impact on learning.

A diverse classroom will allow students to learn how their subject is approached in different countries. It also challenges their preconceptions and encourages them to see issues from a different perspective - a vital skill in today’s globalized world.

Attract the best students

Like all universities, you want to attract the very best students possible to your institution. By searching further afield, you’ll maximize your chances of finding excellent applicants.

International student recruitment is competitive, and every university and college is looking to attract the best possible candidates to enroll in their programs. That’s why it’s really important to make your university stand out to international students.

Having students that excel in a range of academic, athletic, and other extra-curricular areas will broaden the appeal of your university. Recruiting international students is a great way to bring those different skills to your institution.

Financial benefits

It’s well documented that enrolling international students can be a real boost for your university’s finances. For a start, they usually pay higher tuition fees than domestic students, often as much as 50% more.

However, that’s not where the economic benefits of recruiting international students end. They also have a massively positive impact on the wider local and national economy.

For example, analysis by London Economics commissioned by the Higher Education Policy Institute and Universities UK International found that international students starting their studies in 2018/19 contributed a huge £25.9 billion to the UK economy.

International students benefit the economy through things like:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living expenses including rent and socializing
  • The spending of visiting friends and family

All these have positive knock-on effects throughout the wider economy of your area, making international students an important source of income.

Create powerful ambassadors

When international students complete their studies and return home, they can become enthusiastic cheerleaders for your university.

Not only can they spread the word of how amazing your institution is and potentially encourage others to apply, but they can also strengthen the links between your country and theirs.

By returning home with a strong awareness of your country’s culture, international graduates have the ability to become powerful ambassadors.

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