Studee’s response to the invasion of Ukraine

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Studee’s response to the invasion of Ukraine

8th March 2022

Studee’s response to the Crisis:

We at Studee condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government and express our support to Ukrainian universities, students, and all those opposing and affected by the conflict.

At this time, we are ceasing the promotion of Russia as a study abroad destination on Studee. We will not be engaging with new partners from Russia and are pausing any current agreements with Russian institutions.

The response from institutions around the world has been incredible to witness with many institutions offering schemes and initiatives to help Ukrainian students. We will continue to support our partners by sharing information they supply in support of Ukrainian students on our site. Our student advice center is also working to ensure all students affected are offered useful and practical support wherever possible.

Along with many of our partners, we believe that education is one of the most powerful tools to unite the world and recognize that many of the students and faculty at Russian institutions are appalled by the Russian government’s actions. However, due to the current circumstances, we cannot continue to promote Russian institutions at this time.