9 of the best online educational resources to keep kids learning from home

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9 of the best online educational resources to keep kids learning from home

Online and App resources for kids who are staying home from school, some of which are free and some require a subscription.


BBC bitesize offers educational resources for ages 3 through to 16+, offering content for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so it’s relevant to the curriculum in your area.


Twinkle is great for parents who are going to be at home and want to help children with their learning through online resources.


Activity Village offers free resource packs to help to keep children occupied - great for younger children.


Maths Chase makes learning fun and helps children gain confidence in a fun and engaging way.


The Literacy Trust is an independent charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged children the literacy skills they need to succeed.


Tutorful can help you to find a tutor who can teach your children online if you want a structured way for your kids to carry on learning.


Tassomai allows kids to take courses in science online and you can monitor their progress weekly.


Oxford Owl offers things like free books for ages 3 - 11 as well as maths games and other activities.


Duolingo is available as an app and online, helping you to learn new languages whether you’re a beginner or have previous experience.

Laura Rettie, Vice President of Global Communications at Studee said: “When the bell rings on Friday, parents are going to be frantically looking for things for their children to do. It’s important to keep kids learning and to help develop their skills despite schools being shut. Luckily there are lots of really helpful tools to keep your kids learning.