Why you need study abroad insurance

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Why you need study abroad insurance

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity to broaden your cultural horizons while earning a quality education. But before you set off on your new adventure, there are several things you’ll need, including study abroad insurance.

What is study abroad insurance?

Study abroad travel insurance can protect you if things go wrong while you're overseas. Most policies do not include medical issues, so you’ll need to get a separate medical insurance policy to cover these.

Student travel insurance can cover things like:

  • Loss or theft of your personal possessions
  • The loss of course fees if you have to cancel
  • Damage to your accommodation
  • Lost passports
  • Specific items like musical instruments
  • Flight cancellations

Why get study abroad insurance?

Studying abroad should be an incredible experience, but things can go wrong. By having a good insurance policy in place, you could reclaim money you lose due to theft or other circumstances outside your control.

When choosing an insurance policy, make sure it offers enough protection to cover your belongings. It’s also important you read the policy carefully so you understand what you’re protected against.

For example, if electrical equipment is only covered up to £100 but you have a laptop worth £1,000, look for extra cover.

Most policies have exclusions that mean you won’t be protected under certain circumstances. For instance, if you damage property while under the influence of alcohol, or if you forget to lock your accommodation.

Where can you get study abroad insurance?

It’s worth shopping around to see who offers the best deal. However, don’t simply go for the cheapest option. Check the policy wording, what it covers, and make sure it works for you.

You should consider the following places for study overseas insurance:

  • Banks – some banks offer study insurance with student bank accounts.
  • Internet insurers – There are several online sites dedicated to study abroad insurance.
  • Universities and colleges – some universities offer insurance for students coming to study with them.
  • Private insurers – there are several dedicated insurers who can offer study abroad insurance. Try travel agents and high-street insurers.

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to make a claim if things go wrong:

  • Will you have 24-hour access to a claims line?
  • Will they speak your language?
  • How quickly can claims be processed?

Insurance isn’t the most exciting part of a study abroad program, but it is one of the most important. Never start your trip without it, you never know when it might be needed.