The most popular subjects for Indian students to study abroad

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The most popular subjects for Indian students to study abroad

Studying abroad is a hugely popular option for Indian students, with more than 750,000 scholars studying overseas in 2019. This makes India the second-largest source of international students, with only China providing more.

If you want to join this growing number, you need to think carefully about what subject you want to study. This is one of the most important decisions you need to make and can influence your:

Studying something you love means you’re more likely to enjoy your classes, which will give you a better chance of achieving high grades. It could also mean you end up with a job you love too.

To help give you some inspiration if you’re not sure which major is right for you, here are some of the most popular programs other Indian students study abroad.

Engineering is one of the most popular programs to study at university, especially for international students.


Engineering is one of the most popular programs to study at university, especially for international students.

It is a wide-ranging subject with several popular subdisciplines, including:

Advantages of studying engineering abroad

Here some of the great benefits of studying for an engineering degree abroad:

  • Access to state of the art facilities
  • Opens up fantastic career opportunities
  • Gain real-world experience with top international engineering companies
  • Learn from leading engineering professionals

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Another of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects, mathematics is another hugely popular subject that’s offered at universities all over the world.

Math is a truly international subject that transcends language and location, making it a great option to study abroad. It has endless applications and can lead to a range of exciting career opportunities or further studies.

You can study math as a subject on its own, or there are loads of related programs you can choose, like:

Advantages of studying mathematics abroad

Some of the biggest advantages of studying math abroad as an Indian student include:

  • Study in the universal language of math
  • Get to choose from the world’s best mathematics programs
  • Meet and learn from students from all over the world
  • Gain access to the best career opportunities

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Computer science

In today’s digitized world, a degree in computer science from a top overseas university can be worth its weight in gold. Pretty much every industry in every country needs knowledgeable and experienced computer scientists, so your opportunities will be endless.

Computer science is another broad subject area with a number of related programs and courses you can choose to study, including:

Advantages of studying computer science abroad

These are some of the biggest reasons why studying computer science abroad could be right for you:

  • Get access to technology you might struggle to find in India
  • Improve your employability
  • Get real-life computer science experience in international businesses
  • Network to make important international connections

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Business is one of the most popular subjects to study for international students, and it’s not hard to see why. The skills you’ll learn are transferable to nearly any career, opening up a world of possibilities.

There are a huge number of business-related degree programs you can choose to study, so it’s worth thinking about which area interests you the most, and what career you’re looking for after graduation. Some of the biggest business subjects include:

Advantages of studying business abroad

Choosing to study for a business degree abroad comes with loads of benefits you won’t get studying at home in India, including:

  • Experience of how businesses work in another country
  • Access to internationally recognized qualifications
  • Chances to gain work experience in global organizations
  • Opportunities to meet new and diverse people
  • Improved career opportunities

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Degrees in medicine are particularly popular with Indian international students thanks to the quality of medical programs found at overseas universities.

Medicine is a real vocational degree that can lead to a truly challenging and rewarding career. Degree programs in medicine usually follow a different structure to most other courses, with a more intensive workload, and often several years of more studying required to graduate.

The medical field is a large one, with many different areas of expertise you can study, including:

Advantages of studying medicine abroad

One of the biggest reasons to study medicine abroad as an Indian student is to access the very best medical schools in the world. The majority of the best programs can be found overseas in countries like the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Other great reasons to go abroad as a medical student include:

  • Experience different healthcare systems
  • Get the chance to start a career overseas
  • Learn from top medical professors
  • Access the latest technology and techniques
  • Boost your CV

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