Grants for international students studying in the US

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Grants for international students studying in the US

What is a grant for studying in America?

A grant is an amount of funding provided by an organization or body to help students with their study. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be paid back.

What grants are available to international students in the US?

Grants for studying in America can be awarded for many reasons, from grants based around the subject you choose to grants awarded for nationality. You can apply for both national and international grants of varying amounts. Some grants can be for as little as $100, while others will cover three years tuition fees and living costs.

You should look for grants in the following areas:

  • Subject-based grants
  • Grants based on your country of origin for studying abroad
  • Hardship funds or scholarships offered by your chosen university
  • Grants provided by charities or official bodies

Are you entitled to a grant to study in America?

You should carefully check the eligibility rules of any grant you find before applying. Each grant will have its own application criteria, from the age of the applicant to their nationality, their previous grades to their financial status.

You should research your options as thoroughly as possible before applying for particular grants and remember – you can apply for as much funding as you want.

How do you apply for a grant to study in America?

Applications for the most popular grants are extremely competitive, so it’s important to apply as early as possible for as many grants as possible. You will want to get your funding in place as early as you can, so you should aim to start applying for funding about 18 months prior to starting your program.

Although each application procedure varies, you should always expect to have to fill out the following:

  • Application form
  • Detail why you need the money
  • Explain what the grant will be spent on
  • What makes you stand out as an applicant

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