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Why study in Munich?

Munich is known as being a city where hi-tech innovations sit alongside traditional German life. The annual Oktoberfest celebration attracts thousands of tourists to the city each year, while their German Christmas markets are so successful that they’ve been exported around the world.

It’s home to a number of major multinational companies, including Siemens AG, BMW and Allianz. It’s also a major center for biotechnology, software, service industries and is the largest publishing city in Europe; all this makes it an attractive location for international students.


Universities in Munich

Munich has several universities and colleges of further education, and is a leading world location for science and research. Some of Germany’s best and most renowned universities are located in Munich, making it one of the country’s biggest student hubs.

Programs may be taught in German or English, often with the focus of attracting students from overseas. A university may require you to take the German Language University Entrance Examination (DSH) to check your language suitability.

What to study in Munich

Universities in Munich offer programs in every academic level, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. You can find a program in any subject, but universities in Munich are particularly strong in areas including business and applied sciences.

As with most of Europe, a bachelor’s degree will take three years, a master’s takes two years and a doctorate degree can take five years in Munich, depending on the subject.

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What is the cost of study in Munich?

Most public university programs in Munich do not charge any tuition fees for students studying at undergraduate level, even if you live outside the EU / EEA. Private universities will charge for tuition, but the exact amount will depend on the university and the program.

Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany, however it is cheaper than many other bigger European cities. As a general rule, you may need to budget between $10,000 and $15,000 for your living costs, depending on your lifestyle.

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How to study in Munich

To study in Munich you’ll first need to choose a program and university, and check you meet the entry requirements.

When you’re ready to apply, there are three different institutions that are responsible for applications:

  • The Foundation for Admission to Higher Education
  • The University Application Service for International Students
  • The university itself

Where you’ll need to submit your application will depend on the subject you want to study, the university you’re applying to, and where you received your secondary education.

When your place is secured at a university in Munich, you’ll need to apply for your German student visa.

Student reviews for Munich

Juna Gjergjindreaj
al flag
Studied International Business at International University SDI München
Overall Experience
  • Academic
  • University social
  • Accommodation
  • University facilities
Tell us about Munich

I study in Munich. It is a safe city. I think the safest city in Germany. So for safeness I would give 10/10 rating. Transport also is excellent. In my country Albania, public transport is a big problem, but here it is the opposite. As a student nightlife is something I care about. Here in Munich it is good but for me it is better in my homeland. As for the welcoming part I didn’t like it that much. At first I was at another University (TUM), i had a bad experience there. Students at my class told me, why don’t you go back to Albania, why are you here in Germany? Just because i didn’t understand a sentence in German and I asked them what did it mean. Not only this but many other racist things, such as, rolling eyes when I said I came from Albania. So I was not happy with welcoming in Germany.

Gonzalo Garcia
es flag
Studied International Business at International University SDI München
Overall Experience
  • Academic
  • University social
  • Accommodation
  • University facilities
Tell us about Munich

Munich is such a wonderful city. It has very beautiful places, like the Englisher Garten, which is bigger than Centra Park! With amazing flora, animals and a river. There are a lot of bars and restaurants to go. As it is a very international city, nightlife is amazing! There are lots of types of parties, like latin, techno, pop… It is one of the safest places in Germany, the police are really alert and there are no bad things happening. The subway/train really gets to every place and really fast; everything is really good connected. There are also lots of shops and lots of places to do sport (outside and inside).

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