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  • Dr Rosario Laratta

    Dr Rosario Laratta

    International College of Liberal Arts Professor; Coordinator of Political Science Major
    Dr Rosario Laratta says

    Japan is a fascinating country for political science majors to study. Within the space of a century, Japan went from being an almost completely isolated feudal society to one of the richest countries in the world, a stable democracy, a top-tier country for its public services and healthcare system, and a full-fledged player in the international order.

    Our political science major offers students both theoretical and analytical tools to find out how and why this has been possible, whilst offering them the necessary training to become the changemakers of our future societies themselves.

    The political science curriculum at iCLA offers students three study pathways with clear career opportunities: 1) public administration; 2) comparative politics; 3) international relations. Just some of the subjects covered in these pathways are public policy and service, public management, social welfare, healthcare system, political culture, public opinion, civil society, defense policy, national security, and diplomacy.

    Studying and living in Japan is a real privilege. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world and is characterized by political and social stability. The extreme polarization of society between rich and poor is unseen in this country. Ethnic and xenophobic violence is almost non-existent.

    In a time of increasing populism and nationalism, Japan is not producing political parties or movements with extreme ideologies as we are seeing in other parts of the world. The three arrows of Abenomics (government spending, monetary easing, and widespread reform), which were passed on to the new Government, are maintaining one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.

    Japan's interests, identities, and institutions have both been shaped by and played a significant role in shaping the global order. These elements, and many others which I did not mention here, make Japan one of the most attractive, safe, and peaceful places to study.

    This country can improve students’ employability, helps them to see the world from different perspectives, and appreciate other cultures.

    The political science major in our liberal arts college equips students with the written and communication skills, critical thinking ability, and informed judgment that lead to a broad understanding of the human condition.

    These are the necessary skills students need to develop as competent and responsible citizens. In this major, students study domestic and global policy and politics. This often means that they understand best practices in Japan and evaluate critically how they could be replicated in other parts of the world.

    They also learn of the challenges facing Japan, often ahead of other countries, such as demographic decline or political pressure from China’s ascent to an unprecedented dominant power status in Asia and learn what domestic and international policies the Japanese Government is putting in place in order to confront these challenges.

    Discussing politics inside and outside the classroom with other students from different cultures and making friends from all over the world are also important parts of maturing as a person at iCLA.

    iCLA’s major in political science prepares students very well for postgraduate studies. This will eventually bring them to become lawyers, political analysts, social workers, nonprofit managers, government officials, journalists, data analysts, and in some cases politicians and diplomats.

    Students can also pursue a career in political science teaching. People with political science degrees are also highly sought after in companies, public agencies, and international organizations in Japan and around the world.

    Third Sector organizations (especially, social enterprises) are increasingly demanding political science majors because they have the necessary skills to work with different communities in addressing pressing social problems. An area that is certainly dominated by political science majors these days is the area of E-Government and E-Governance. In our digitalized societies, there is a high demand for political analysts and systems experts.

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    Liberal Arts: Political Science - BILA International College of Liberal Arts, Japan

    Program type
    4 years
    Annual tuition fee
    12,405 USD

    Fee in university's local currency 1,596,000 JPY

    Start date
    September, April
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