Why you should study abroad in 2022

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Why you should study abroad in 2022

More and more students are looking to study abroad as the world begins to adjust following the COVID-19 pandemic.

As life slowly returns to normal, traveling to another country to get your degree is more achievable than ever. Here are some of the main reasons students want to study abroad in 2022.

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Boost your career prospects

In an increasingly globalized world, choosing to study abroad can give your career a vital headstart. It will give you skills and experience that employers really value, and many other graduates won’t have.

Here are some of the ways studying abroad can boost your employability:

  • Improve your language skills
  • Gain independence and confidence
  • Experience of a new culture
  • Show a willingness to try new things
  • Achieve a top degree from a quality overseas university

In a recent survey by Terra Dotta*, nearly a quarter of students said that preparing for a global workforce was their top reason for wanting to study abroad.

Get a top-quality education

One of the most important parts of studying abroad is the quality of education you will receive.

Studying abroad means you will open yourself up to endless possibilities and choices when it comes to finding a program and university that’s perfect for you.

Even if your home country boasts fantastic higher education institutions, the best place to study your dream subject could be overseas. Why not study business in Germany or English literature in the UK?

Universities abroad may also have better facilities and offer programs that aren't available in your home country. This means studying overseas could be the only way to study exactly what you want.

Improve your language skills

If you’re a lover of language, then studying abroad is one of the best ways you can sharpen your skills. It’s also one of the reasons many students give for wanting to study abroad.

In the Terra Dotta survey, 30.3% of students said strengthening their language skills was their top reason for wanting to study abroad.

By immersing yourself in a new country with a different language, you’ll learn quickly and even become fluent before you know it. Conversing with locals is a great way to improve your vocabulary and learn how people speak in your new country.

For many international study programs, you’ll need strong English language skills to be accepted. However, by taking lectures and writing essays in English during your program, your knowledge of the language will improve rapidly.

Not only will improving your language skills help you make the most of your study abroad adventure, but it will also look great on your CV and boost your career options.

Travel the world

For many of us, travel restrictions have meant globetrotting has been virtually impossible for the last couple of years.

Now borders are reopening and restrictions in many countries are being lifted, what better way to see the world than to study abroad?

Choosing to enroll at a university overseas is one of the best ways to experience another country. By living and learning abroad you’ll learn and experience so much more than you would from a holiday.

Not only that, but by living in a new country or continent, you’ll have the perfect launch pad to get out and explore even more new and exciting places.

Meet new people

University is a great place to meet new and exciting people. Chances are you’ll meet people from different backgrounds and with different interests and opinions to yours. This is especially true when you study abroad.

Learning from people with a different outlook to you is a great way to develop and broaden your horizons. And not only will you learn from them, but you can also teach your new friends about your home country and culture.

Can you study abroad in 2022

Although many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted across the world, it’s still understandable to wonder whether or not you can study abroad in 2022.

New variants have meant that the threat posed by the virus hasn’t gone away, and some countries still have rules in place that might make traveling difficult.

Here are some things to consider before you start planning to study abroad in 2022:

  • Check the travel restrictions of the countries you want to study in
  • Read up on any advice for international students offered by the universities you want to attend
  • Get vaccinated if you haven't already because this is a requirement for many universities
  • Look at refund policies in the event that a program is canceled

It's still important to remember that most universities around the world are eager to welcome international students, either on-campus or online. That means there's no reason to abandon your study abroad dreams in 2022.


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