Increase in Greek graduates studying overseas

There was a big increase in the numbers of Greek student looking to get a postgraduate education abroad over the past half-decade, according to the Greek media.

Newspaper Ekathimerini has reported that 50,000 Greek students signed up to doctoral or master’s courses between 2009 and 2014, with 15,000 graduating from a university overseas in the same period.

According to the newspaper, the majority of Greek students who look abroad for their postgraduate education want to study sciences, economics or information technology.

Ekathimerini also suggests that the increased numbers of Greek students studying abroad was because often international students are entitled to monetary grants.

The amount of students looking for postgraduate courses might have also reflected a need to ride-out the European recession without the need for a job in an extremely tough economy, according to

University academics are also reportedly looking overseas for their own positions within university departments.