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5 university application mistakes to avoid

University applications can be a nightmare. So many forms to fill out mean many more chances to make a mistake. Make sure you avoid the worst by reading on…

Submitting an application with documents missing

More than 70% of applications are rejected because a student has failed to send all the necessary documents to the university. Don’t even think about sending your application until you’ve checked off all the documents that the institution requires. These normally include your application, copy of your passport, official transcripts and proof of qualifications among others.

Forgetting to pay your application fee

Many students confuse application fees with admission fees. Application fees need to be paid - normally online - at the same time as sending your application form and documents, whereas admission fees are your tuition fees and are paid once you have a place. You can write the most amazing application but if you don’t pay, you won’t get in.

Not having a valid passport

Checked your passport expiry date lately? If your current passport will expire within six months of your course end date (or twelve for some countries), you must renew your passport before applying. Check the passport information on your application checklist to see what you need to do.

Personal statement errors

It is so easy to mess up a great application with a spelling or grammatical error, so make sure you always run spell checker or get a friend to read through your application before you send it.

Emailing the wrong person

It’s hard to believe, but each year hundreds of study abroad applicants miss out because they either email the application to the wrong address or don’t put the correct postage on their application. Always double check with the college whether they’ve received your application.